Culture // {French:} \kyl.tyʁ\ // cultivated land ∙ civilisation ∙ development of human faculties
le Hic // {French:} (h aspiré)\ik\ // catch ∙ snag ∙ essential difficulty
Culture le Hic // {Sandra T.J. Coumans:} \kənˈsʌlt(ə)nsi\ // working for and with arts professionals to achieve essential outcomes in their transnational activities


Sandra T.J. Coumans

+32 (0)488 479 996 (BE)



VAT: BE0677.902.910

IBAN: NL98INGB0006874004


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If anything that you have read here strikes a chord, please do get in touch! I am more than happy to have an initial conversation with you to discuss your project or interest in Culture le Hic in more detail:

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