My Offer

• Globalization has an ever growing impact on the arts and culture sector, both in terms of content and topics as well as in the way arts professionals work. What has not changed is that creative and aesthetic expression are inherently reflective of cultural ideas, knowledge and values. It is therefore the core of the cultural field to know, accept, value, and take in alternative perspectives and perceptions of the world locally and internationally. That just as well touches upon current issues such as culture and migration, social cohesion, radicalisation, or cultural heritage.

Integrating the conceptual with the operational is in my view crucial for creating real value and sustainability, especially when working across borders. I am all about reflection, developing sound projects, delivering quality work and making connections.

• If you are a practitioner or an organisation working at a transnational level or aspire to do so, I can support you in your activities based on more than 12 years of experience working in the arts at an international and transnational level, in Europe and beyond.

• My professional background ranges from contemporary art, to the creative industries and cultural heritage, policy to arts practice, from small, bottom-up initiatives to established cultural institutions, and from conceptual development to financial administration and evaluation activities. This has allowed me to develop a diverse set of skills in the field of arts management and arts governance: ideation and strategy development, international project management, event planning, advocacy, organisational growth, collaborative practice, training and research, writing and EU policy (incl. funding).

• Therefore, what I can do for you at a transnational level is lay out the groundwork of projects and implement them, clarify targets and goal setting, identify bottlenecks, monitor, write essays and do reporting, or develop and carry out workshops. I can also tell you the difference between cultural relations and cultural diplomacy, or why bridging instead of bonding is essential for sustainable diversity community-building. If any of the above issues or needs interests you, contact me and I would be very happy to have an initial conversation with you. I can help out with small assignments or be involved in more long-term projects.