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Co-creative Spaces as Networks
European Research Project – Documentary Film
June – November 2017, Co.Labs Collectief Antwerp (BE)
Position: Project Manager

For Co.Labs Collectief in Antwerp, Belgium, I am looking into the functioning of location-bound, bottom-up networkformation through various co-creative spaces in Europe and the way governance can or should encourage this effectively (in principle it is about the connection between arts’ communities, physical spaces and local governance).

End product will be a documentary of about 1 hour in length.

As present-day phenomenon that is rapidly gaining ground and through which (societal) innovation is often launched, it is in itself important to have better insight in the role of location-bound, bottom-up networks in the field of arts and culture. Furthermore, the results of this transnational research project will support existing networks in their daily functioning.

More knowledge about how these networks function and how they can be supported through policy will moreover benefit both policy makers as well as creatives: to policy makers, it will indicate in what ways the potential of cultural initiatives for a city can fully develop, without putting too much red tape and possibly paralyzing them. For creatives the establishment of policy ideally means building a structural framework around their community that should guarantee sustainability of their initiative.

It is about strengthening civil society, harnessing soft power, encouraging a participative and responsible society, and the execution of democracy: In the end, what ultimately drives democracy are society-led engagement, mutual exchange and creating a broad support base, rather than political experts with a too rigid, top-down focus. It is about tuning bureaucracy into human participation.

Finally, strong networks in co-operation with flexible governance will be able to react more agile to the societal challenges that we nowadays face.