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Conception of the !DROPS cultural strategy and implementation of !F LAB
Social innovation through culture and interactive digital storytelling
Ongoing since October 2017, !DROPS (BE)
Position: Project Designer

!DROPS is a social innovation agency based in Belgium. !DROPS considers the constant flux that the world is in a breeding ground for new opportunities. In cooperation with organisations (profit and non-profit), it creates innovative solutions for social challenges. Although many of its projects have a strong cultural and creative element, a structural cooperation with the arts’ sector is an opportunity to create even more long-term impact.

!F LAB is a hands-on training in interactive factual storytelling for for example journalists, (documentary) filmmakers, photographers, coders, graphic designers, storytellers, international correspondents, and creative media professionals. The training consists of two boosters of each 5 days during which participants develop their story, build a prototype and learn to communicate effectively about it. All this under professional guidance of experts from the field and in exchange with relevant stakeholders.