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Ideation around !DROPS’ cultural strategy and implementation of !F LAB
Social innovation through culture and interactive digital storytelling
October 2017 – March 2019, Ghent (BE)
Position: Project Coordinator

!DROPS is a social innovation agency based in Belgium. !DROPS considers the constant flux that the world is in a breeding ground for new opportunities. In cooperation with organisations (profit and non-profit), it creates innovative solutions for social challenges. Although many of its projects have a strong cultural and creative element, a structural cooperation with the arts’ sector is an opportunity to create more long-term impact.

!F LAB is a hands-on training in interactive factual storytelling for for example journalists, (documentary) filmmakers, photographers, coders, graphic designers, storytellers, international correspondents, and creative media professionals. The training consists of two boosters of each 5 days during which participants develop their story, build a prototype and learn to communicate effectively about it. All this under professional guidance of experts from the field and in exchange with relevant stakeholders.

One of the end products of the training was a toolkit that guides your DIY interactive storytelling in a very practical and effective way.