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Urban cultural centre De Pianofabriek
Ongoing since March 2019, Brussels (BE)
Role: Board Member

The cultural centre De Pianofabriek is a renowned, open house in a metropolitan, superdiverse environment. It is a place where people are offered opportunities, dialogue takes place and where new ideas and initiatives arise, based on existing local and metropolitan dynamics.

De Pianofabriek harbours four utilities in one: the community centre, citylab (artistic incubator), arts workshop (residencies) and an employment training centre at the same time. This intersectoral and interdisciplinary approach by the organisation is the result of responding to current social-cultural needs and opportunities and is translated into a joint mission.

As a member of the Board of Directors, I have the joint responsibility to oversee the organisation’s operations and make sure that its staff and volunteers act legally and ethically. Furthermore, serving on an association’s Board of Directors requires making decisions that are in the best interest of the organisation, ensuring prudent use of the nonprofit’s assets, and looking ahead to help it plan for the future.