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Università della Calabria / Rencontres Congolaises
Conférence et exposition
Mars – novembre 2019, Cosenza (IT) – Bruxelles (BE)
Poste: Agent de liaison

“Mobilité-stabilisation. Représentations congolaises et dynamiques sociales, au Congo et dans le monde”

This is a multi-year international and interdisciplinary research project on mobility and the Congolese diaspora (DRC) in Europe and more specifically in Belgium. As part of this project, the « Rencontres Congolaises » will take place in the Pianofabriek (Brussels), which consists of an exhibition of multiple Congolese artists and 3-day debate and conference programme. In addition, a competition has also been organised for schoolchildren. We invite them to submit original work (such as photographs, drawings, short texts, videos, compositions, etc.) that express their relationship with Congo (deadline is flexible). Their contributions will also be shown during the Rencontres. There are prizes to be awarded: the five best entries will be proclaimed and rewarded.

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