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Attirer de nouveaux publics en réimaginant les modèles de gestion des orchestres
Juillet – octobre 2019, Europe
Mission: Analyse et mise en œuvre des activités de diffusion

Truly connecting with harder to reach communities while taking a critical look at hierarchical management in culture? Through my consultancy Culture le Hic I did an assignment for the project EO Lab II that consisted of planning and carrying out the dissemination strategy of the project.

The EU-project EO Lab II set out to redesign the relationship between orchestra managers, orchestra musicians and the audience, by changing the business model (in terms of organisational structure) of symphony orchestras and reaching out to new audiences. Between 2016 and 2019, a partnership of seven European orchestras from six countries developed and tested new event concepts and exchanged knowledge about attracting and committing new audiences, specifically harder to reach communities, through giving single orchestra musicians the role of project leaders and outreach officers (along with strategic responsibility and allocated budget).