I was raised between the mergel and löss of the deep south in the Netherlands, that is in Limburg; an area that makes some people reflect on their roots and others explore the world. Whatever your experience one thing is for certain – your surroundings matter.

I then lived in Amsterdam. From where I moved to Barcelona and Berlin. And am now based in Brussels.

It is here that I have decided to set up camp, in the midst of the Belgian and European urban jungle, where I host colourful birds and butterflies, three koi, two rhinos, a gorilla, and a tree frog in my flat. And plenty of plants to boot.

At the age of 19, I decided I wanted to spend my life doing something that I would miss when not doing it. This quickly turned out to be arts and culture, which to this day still makes me tick.

I care about how the world turns and how we turn in it.

I love it when 1+1 equals more than 2.

It would be awesome if the car tunnels in Brussels would, for example, be turned into urban cave diving spaces, whose beds were filled with water from the Zenne and whose walls were enhanced by local artists. Dare to dream big — and wild.

I have tried my hand at electricity, plumbing, interior design and carpentry, all in the name of home improvement. The apartment is still standing and has not burnt down; it flooded only once and now I have a sturdy, one-of-a-kind table. Creating = knowing!

I have a weird accent, put milk in my tea, and adore veggies.

My head is swimming with 5.5 different languages, which in all of their beautiful chaos and demanding precision make for a life that is extremely enriching.

There’s of course much more to tell. For one, Aby Warburg, who introduced me to an inspirational universe of structured anachronism and associative thinking. Or Nina Simone, who remains my heroine for her strength and stoicism.


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